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Planning To Share Your Legacy 

The best funeral is one that tells the story of the life lived.  And, the most effective way to do that is to plan ahead.  We recommend that you share your thoughts with your immediate family, so that a meaningful service can be collaboratively planned.  We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your ideas with you. 

It’s All About Your Choices

When you stop and think about it, you wouldn't let anyone else make all of the decisions about a major life event without your input.  Isn't sharing your life story with others important enough to plan for?  Planning ahead gives you control on how you will be remembered and it will also lift the burden of those difficult decisions from your family, allowing them time to support one another, share their memories, and begin their journey of healing.  
Making the commitment to planning ahead:

- Takes Care of Your Family - Without a doubt the most important reason for making arrangements in advance is to spare your family the responsibility of having to do so when they are physically and emotionally exhausted. This definitely reduces the stress for family and friends at an already emotional time.  Absolutely everyone can preplan. 

- Let’s Your Wishes Be Known – You may have specific preferences as to how you want to be memorialized. Advance planning will allow you to let your wishes be known for the type of service arrangement you want and will relieve the stress of making those decisions from your family.  It really is as simple as letting others know your wishes. 

- Saves You Money – Funding your arrangements in advance through an independent funeral insurance policy, secures the cost at today’s prices and guarantees that those costs for services and funeral/memorial products will never increase. There are several choices in payment options, including flexible payment plans. 

- Fully Transferable Insurance Policy – Should you move out of the area, your funeral insurance policy is fully transferable to a funeral service provider of your choice in another city or even out of state.

We all would like to think that there will always be time to prepare. But the reality is the unexpected can happen.   When planning for any future need, being well informed will provide you with the resources you need to make good decisions without unecessary pressure and un-wanted spending. The benefits are significant but the peace-of-mind you and your family will have is priceless.

Does Pre-planning Require Pre-payment?

The simple answer is just two letters: No. You can set plan to paper by simply recording your wishes, and leave it for your family to pay for your desired services at the time of your passing.

Or, you can protect you and your family from inflation, by pre-funding your plan. This ensures your expenses will be covered when you need them to be.

When you choose to pre-fund your final arrangements, your money is put in a state-approved trust account or top-rated insurance company until required. Your payment is made directly to the funeral insurance company.  After your pre-plan is paid for in full, our price is guaranteed. You will never have to pay more for the items you have already paid for.


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